Junior Club Sessions
Warwick Life Saving Club
Monday Nights - 7pm to 8pm - Aged 8 - 13



The Junior Club sessions are held on a Monday night between 7pm and 8pm and are for children aged between 8 and 12 years. Juniors are taught basic lifesaving and first aid skills by our volunteer trainers and much of the work is based around the syllabus of the RLSS UK ROOKIE LIFEGUARD scheme. Juniors are also trained in competition techniques with a view to entering competitions at local, county and national level.


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Designed for our junior members, the scheme allows participants to develop their lifesaving skills over 3 levels - Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each level comprises of 3 stages allowing participants to progress upwards, building on their skills and providing new and challenging activities to reinforce water safety and basic rescue techniques. The scheme can be started at any level and there are no formal assessments - each activity is simply signed off by the trainer when the participant and successfully they can complete it. Once complete, members can claim their Rookie Lifeguard Badge and Certificate. There are also a range of bolt on activities that are still being developed to add more fun and diversity to the scheme.


Rookie Awards


Bronze Level - Bronze level introduces basic lifesaving skills and rescue principles and helps built confidence amongst the participants. Activities at this level include entering and leaving the water safely, treading water, identification of the different types of casualties, basic land based rescues and a wade in rescue.

Silver Level - Silver level builds on the skills developed during Bronze (although participants can start at any stage of the the scheme) and introduces some more complex rescue techniques. It also increases the challenge to participants by slightly decreasing the time limits on certain activities and pushing them a little further.

Gold Level - Gold level introduces further rescue techniques and increases the challenge by reducing time limits and increases swimming and towing distances. This is hardest level of the scheme but should is designed to be easily achievable by young people within the target age range of the awards.


Other Rookie Lifeguard awards include:

Rookie Life Support - This award is essentially the same as the normal RLSS Life Support Award taken by all members of the club. In order to gain this award candidates must demonstrate effective CPR on a manikin, turn a live casualty, show action for vomiting and demonstrate the recovery position and also be able to treat bleeding, choking and shock. The main difference between this award and the main award it the badge and certificate that can be earned (see below).

Rookie Achievement Award - These awards are designed for those with special educational needs or disabilities that may mean they are unable to participate the main bronze, silver and gold awards.

Rookie Water Safety Award - This is awarded to participants who complete the 'Water Smart' booklet and answer a short quiz. Members who wish to participate in this award will be able to purchase the Water Smart booklet from the club shortly.

Bolt-On Awards - There will be a number of bolt-on awards available as the scheme develops further however at this stage they are still being developed by the RLSS and full details have yet to be announced.

Rookie Master Lifeguard - This award has yet to be released, but we anticipate it will be a final award once a rookie has completed the gold level 3 and also a number of bolt-on awards.









WLSC is affiliated to the Warwickshire Branch of The Royal Life Saving Society UK

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