Senior Club Sessions
Warwick Life Saving Club
Monday Nights - 7:30pm to 9pm - Aged 13+

(aged 12 with Rookie Gold Award)


Seniors are taught a mix of 'dry side' first aid an resuscitation techniques and pool based rescue techniques. Most senior members start of by working towards the Survive & Save awards programme, and can also work towards other awards (age & courses dependant) including the National Pool Lifeguard and the National Rescue Award for Swimming Teachers and Coaches. Senior members are also heavily involved in competitions at local, regional and national levels and members are coached in the skills needed to compete at these levels.


Life Support Award: Life Support is now the base pre-requisite for all senior lifesaving awards. In order to gain this award candidates must demonstrate effective CPR on a manikin, turn a live casualty, show action for vomiting and demonstrate the recovery position and also be able to treat bleeding, choking and shock. It is valid for a 24 months period and must be valid when taking any of the below awards.


Life Support 3: Life Support 3 builds on the skills demonstrated during the Life Support Qualification. It is a much more involved qualification where candidates are expected to demonstrate an excellent level of competence while performing CPR on a adult, child and infant manikin, turn a live casualty, showing actions for vomiting, and the recovery position. Candidates also need to demonstrate an excellent knowledge of diagnosis and treatment of cardiac arrest, bleeding, choking, shock, hypothermia and drowning.


Survive & Save



“Survive & Save” is the new lifesaving standard. There are Bronze, Silver and Gold Levels for you to take part in. You can also choose any one of Medallion, Beach, Stillwater or Sport programmes as areas to specialize in for each medal category.

You can complete just one or all four of the specialist areas before you move on to the next medal. Once you have completed the “Survive & Save” programme there is still the ultimate challenge for you - the Distinction Award. This is presented when you have successfully completed 3 Gold Level categories.

The new “Survive & Save” programme has been reviewed and developed over several years with many trainers, committees and candidates contributing to a new and exciting format for our clubs, trainers and YOU the candidate.

“Survive & Save” is the most significant update to the Senior Awards programme for a generation and we are confident that you will find the programme interesting, stimulating, challenging and rewarding.


Survive & Save Awards

Bronze Core and Bronze Medallion - The Bronze Medallion Life Saving Award introduces you to Beach and Open Water Skills but trains you in a local pool. This award provides you with an introduction to basic Self-Rescue and Survival Techniques along with Water Hazards. Before taking the Medallion, you must take the Bronze Core award which provides fundemental skills that are built on during the full award.


Silver Core and Silver Medallion - The Silver Medallion Life Saving Award builds on the skills you learn at Bronze level and then takes these into rescue scenarios where you will use the Emergency Action Model. On areas include the risk associated with flooding and more advanced pool techniques including rescuing and towing simulated casualties.


Gold Core and Gold Medallion - The Gold Awards build on your existing skills and apply them to the beach and open water scenarios while still training in the local pool. This is the most advanced life saving award and will physically test and challenge you with advanced rescue and survival techniques, plus advanced theoretical knowledge of life saving.


(above adapted from National Lifesaving Awards - Survive and Save)



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